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September 11 – Indefinite Detention is STILL with us.

by merlin on September 11th, 2014
  • Sumo

On September 11, 2001, I was trying my first solo case, on behalf of the State.  I was interrupted as I was beginning my closing arguments by someone else on the DA’s Office staff, who let me know what happened.  I let the Court know, via bench conference, and I lost that case.  Nobody was going to jail once that cat was let out of the bag, no matter how evident their guilt might be.

What is interesting to me is that the attacks were designed to shock America from its sense of security, and yet indefinite detention continues.  It is as if we have been beaten and smiled at our attackers, but told them they were right to hit us, and begged them to hit us again.  This is wrong.

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