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Re-Post (10/25/11 – “What it means to HAVE A LAWYER”)

by merlin on December 30th, 2014
  • Sumo

Recent events have made it necessary for this to be stated AGAIN: If you have ANYTHING to do with the Courts, it is almost ALWAYS better to have an attorney representing you.  You’ve tried what you knew how to do already; let a professional try something, for a change.  It just might work!

Also – as of the first day of the New Year, I am closing this office to work from my home in Dahlonega.  I will still be available via my e-mail address ( and may be reached, or a message left for me, at 678-943-3532.

Rather than publish the results of my research and work today, I wanted to write about an issue that has been debated back and forth by people for a very long time, and that will continue to be discussed back and forth for the foreseeable future, but which nevertheless needs to be addressed.

“Having a lawyer” is very much like “having a doctor”, in that crafting a legal remedy to a situation may be as easy as you think it is, but IT PROBABLY ISN’T.

What defines your particular issue may be a relatively small, isolated event – such as a “simple” dispute about a speeding violation, but it might be bigger than you realize.  By virtue of the fact that you are HIRING a legal professional to deal with the complexities of the situation in which you find yourself necessarily means that it seems to be MUCH BIGGER THAN YOU ARE COMFORTABLE DEALING WITH ON YOUR OWN.

You have gone the extra (substantial) step of obtaining legal representation.  In other words, what you think works to address this particular situation is not working, and is not something that you can easily do yourself.  Over the course of the past decade as a practicing attorney, I have had more problems from people who felt they didn’t need (or, without trying harder and looking deeper) couldn’t afford an attorney.  This ALWAYS makes the situation uglier and more complex than it needs to be.

Further, realize that a trained attorney, just like a trained medical professional, might discover that your problems are actually the result of some other unaddressed issue, that has to be resolved to eliminate the problem that brought you to the attorney in the first place.

What you need to take away from this is simple: LET THE ATTORNEY WORK.  This isn’t about what you would do in response to the situation, because you have hired another person to address the situation for you.  Your help is appreciated, but your will is now diverted through your advocate, and they have things to do to address it that may be unknown or unavailable to you.

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