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Georgia Child Support Worksheet Training Notes

by merlin on January 24th, 2015
  • Sumo

This training was conducted yesterday in Hall County, and I stopped taking notes near the end to instead listen and absorb as concerned child support and domestic violence issues, but these notes may help folks that are struggling with them:

Child Support Worksheet Training

Friday, January 23, 2015

Georgia Commission on Child Support – 15 members, appointed by governor, revise and maintain CS guidelines and do training

What is the current version of CS Worksheet – 9.1 (released around 2nd week of January, generally)


click on downloadable calculator button

  • 1st one is the most likely to use, second one is a Turbotax kind of option, and third one is for DV Orders, TPOs, etc.
  • Be sure to ENABLE MACROS when you open the worksheet (usually up on top far right, “enable content”)
  • Click on “enable editing”
  • Any place there is a small red triangle, hover the mouse over the triangle for information
  • “Comments for the Court” – be sure to let the Court know if agreement was reached between the parties
  • Remember, § 9-11-7.1 says no full birthdates (use the year only)
  • Noncustodial parent is EITHER the person the child resides with less OR who has greater CS obligation



  1. Not all deductions allowed for income tax purposes are allowed as deductions for CSW purposes; also
  2. Needs-based income (such as TANF and SSI) is NOT included in calculations
  3. Arrearages in preexisting child support orders do not count to offset new child support obligations.
  4. If there are other qualified children in the home, and the box is checked to include them, the calculator automatically does this.
  5. Vision, dental, and life insurance are included under Schedule E, and aren’t MANDATORY for children.
  6. If person is Ordered to pay insurance for child, find out how much the cost is so it can be included (often no credit given for payment of it)
  7. Also – NO HIGH INCOME DEVIATION unless household income is above $30K per month.
  8. Low-income deviation is subsection (i), and what qualifies is not an “income cap” (case-by-case determination)
  9. If noncustodial parent, and requested the low-income deviation (OR THE COURT DETERMINES THAT IT IS APPROPRIATE), then CSW will calculate automatically.
  10. Got to select the cell for low-income deviation – there must be other deviations beyond low-income if paying less than $100/month child support

UCSR 24.2 – imputing income

Multiply hourly rate by 174 for monthly income (???)

  • If a parent fails to provide evidence of income, court is required to impute 40 hours/week at minimum wage ($2,175/month)
  • If income is imputed, then other parent has 90 days to request rehearing if they dispute it (§19-6-15(f)(4)(c))
  • In cases of willful or voluntary under/unemployment, Court can look at attendant circumstances to determine if it is reasonable or not


Child Support and Domestic Violence Cases

  • 19-13-4(a)(6) – Court may Order support; Guidelines apply

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