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Recognize the Self-Evident Truths – Happy Independence Day!

by merlin on July 4th, 2015
  • Sumo

Happy Independence Day from Merlinus Goodman Monroe, LLC!

Rather than publish an entry containing appropriate research, today is concerned largely with a focus on the reasons why this country declared its independence in the first place.

I direct your attention to an incredible piece found in the Washington Post, author Randy Barnett, via The Volokh Conspiracy, entitled “What the Declaration of Independence Really Claimed”, for an excellent and insightful exposition of why this day truly matters for Americans.

For a clearer (in my humble opinion) explanation of the principles that informed the Framer’s statements about the “state of nature” which the article linked to speaks about, and tries to explain, I direct your attention to SparkNotes, which has an excellent discussion of the concept that directly informed the Framers ideas in the Declaration.

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